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Brook, designers behind this generation’s essential multi-console solutions such as the Brook Universal Fighting Board with Headers, the Brook PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio, and family of converter devices, now integrate those technologies into a professional-grade game controller. 

Gamepad Controller 3 en 1

Three consoles, three ways to play: Brook is compatible with Playstation 4, PS3 and Nintendo Switch consoles, lending an amazing amount of versatility for modern consoles.  You can also utilize MARS on PC, with full X-Input support included.

The number three also includes MARS’ unique control options.  Cross and disc d-pad controls can be swapped at will, in addition to the multi-faceted control option made popular by the Xbox Elite controller.  Now you can enable this specialized control method on competing systems.

PS4, PS3, and Nintendo Switch compatibility. PC support via X-Input
Automatic console switching for PS4, PS3 and PC
Interchangeable cross, faceted and disc d-pad
Wired to offer zero-delay during gameplay
Manual console switch for Nintendo Switch (see Support tab for switching instructions. On mobile? Click here.)
Combo Key for PS4 Touchpad function (see Support tab for instructions. On mobile? Click here.)
Rumble function support on PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch and PC
Motion control support on PS4, PS3, and Nintendo Switch
Headset support on PS4

The Mars controller includes a 10 foot Mini USB cable, plus interchangeable cross, faceted and disc d-pad to fit your game style. All are packed in a striking red foil box.


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